May 17, 2013

What's in my bag?

I've always been the "organized one" of my group of friends - or the mom - however you want to look at it.  When others need a mirror, tweezers, a pen or even floss - I usually have it.

So when I was thinking of subjects to blog about, this subject immediately came to mind.  Here's a glimpse of the purse I'm carrying now and its contents.

  1. Hairbrush. 
    Gotta have one - especially with my hair - I'm convinced it would get tangled sitting still.

  2. Restaurant coupons. 
    Not usually in my bag, but making a special appearance since Wednesday night the hubs and I went out for Margaritas!

  3. Wallet. 
    I know, Coach is expensive.  But, a.  I got it at the outlet for SUPER cheap and b. it is SUPER durable and worth every penny!

  4. Headache Medicine. 
    Normally I also carry some sort of over the counter migraine medicine as well, but I try to at least keep acetaminophen

  5. Checkbook. 
    I bought this a little over 2 years ago from Treasured Totes on Etsy.  I think Diane only does custom orders now, but her prices are reasonable and her work is quality!

  6. Wristlet. 
    Yep, I keep a wallet and a wristlet in my purse.  Why?  Because sometimes I go out to lunch with my girlfriends or dinner with the hubs and don't want to carry my whole purse around.  It has come in handy more often than you'd think.

  7. Keys. 
    What?  I'm keeping it real.  And the adorable key fob was a gift from a friend who knows my love of Fleur de lis!

  8. Clinique Stay Matte Pressed Powder
    I mostly keep this around for touch-ups, as I mostly use drugstore brands when I get ready.  But I love the way it feels on my skin and its never failed to disappoint - not matter what I have on.

  9. Kleenex pocket pack. 
    I try to keep these in my purse year-round because I'm convinced that in the Ohio Valley allergy season is never over.

  10. Organizher log
    It helps me remember random login information in a pinch.  I can only remember so much off the top of my head!

  11. Clinique makeup bag from a recent gift event. 
    However, its not used for makeup but rather Papermate Flair pens that I use in my planner.  (More on that little gem in a later post.)

  12. Gum. 
    I have this horrible phobia of bad breath and try to keep gum or mints on me at all time.

  13. Makeup bag. 
    I know, I know - Coach addict much?  However, this and the wristlet was a gift so I'm not the only one feeding my habit. This baby holds way more that lipglass and mascera. I've also got little necessities like antacids, contact case, eye drops, roll on perfume and even some Colgate wisps.  (Told you, bath breath phobia)

What's in your purse?  Anything you never leave home without?