May 29, 2013

Organizing Tools: Cosmetic Bags

So I had totally planned on posting this little baby last week, but when one of my fur babies had a little health scare last week, I dropped everything and attended to him.  

I am happy to report that he is improving, all be it slower than my patience allows.  But he is getting better and that's what counts.  :)

I have a organizing secret weapon.  One I'm betting you have RIGHT NOW.

Whether they've been a gift, gift with purchase or purchase of your own, I bet you have tons.  Makeup bags.

Today I'm going to talk about the variety of ways that I use my collection - some more unusual than others.

So, in this post I covered the array of items I carry in my bag.  Two of those items were cosmetic bags.  One has the standard use of beauty supplies, etc.  While the other is used for pens for my planner.

Here's a more in depth look at their contents:
I use this bag or my pens for my planner. 

This is my tried and true makeup bag. 
I may have a HUGE small obsession with lip products - I'm always trying something new.

Now for the other ways I use my bags:

  1. My "just in case" bag
    This is my work "emergency" kit. 
    I have everything in here from makeup wipes & contact needs to ibuprofen and antacid. 
    When there's a last minute meeting or I've run out the door and forget to brush my teeth, this is a lifesaver!  (Don't judge, it happens.) 
    And the fact that it fits neatly into my desk drawer makes it all the more awesome!

  2. Special occasions
    Then you have the bags I bring for special occasions.  Like Thursday for example.  I went to see a play with my girlfriends (more on that in a later post) and needed to change out of my glasses and into a funner (that's a word right?) wardrobe so these little babies are so handy!
  3. Feminine hygeniene items
    I'll spare you all a picture of this because we all know what they look like.  I have a little bag in each bathroom in our house as well as one at work.  I figure that everyone really knows what's in the bag, but it makes it less jarring than seeing the actual box of said products out on display for God and everyone to see.

  4. Toy storage
    Yes, these are mine.  Yes, I play a game meant for children.
    Its fun and no gore like a lot of games out there for Xbox.

So, there you have it: Six very different uses fora common beauty item.

What do you use your cosmetic bags for?

Do you have an out-of-the-ordinary use for a common item?

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